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Heat resistant cold galvanized coating N-70
Cold galvanized coating N-70
Inorganic instant cold galvanize N-70
Nabakem N-70 Paint - Korea is an extremely effective paint against rust. Extremely good adhesion, and resistance to heat and chemicals are great for protecting steel structures in harsh working locations.

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Packaging Unit: Aerosol 420ml/can, 20cans/Box


ZINCOT N-70 forms a heatresistant, Zinc-rich and inorganic silicate coating to protect any metal surface from rust and corrosion. Withstands temperatures to 400℃ and 500℃ dry heat and water temperatures to boiling point. Touch dries within 30 minutes. Several thin coats prevent rust in the most severe conditions. Although not a paint, it makes a first-class primer and touch-up.


• Industrial maintenance equip
• Construction machinery and equip
• Car and truck bodies. 
• Pipes and water tanks
• Radio and T.V 
• Outdoor furniture
• Tools and weldments
• Farm machinery and iron fencing
• Heating/Air conditioning equip 
• Springs and coil
• Mufflers and manifolds
• Others.


• Do not use it toward fire.
• Do not use near heater or stove.
• Do not use in the room using fire.
• Do not keep it in the place above 40℃.
• Provide ventilation to use it in the closed room.
• Do not throw it away into fire.
• Punch the can to throw it away.
• Do not keep it in the closed place.
• Spraying may not work well below 5℃.

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Inorganic instant cold galvanize N-70

INORGANIC INSTANT COLD GALVANIZE -  Zincot N-70, Heat-resistant cold zinc plating paint


Heat resistant N-70

Heat resistant cold galvanized coating N-70

Zinc rich cold galvanizing paint N-70

Cold zinc color paint

Fix that hot dip zinc

Cold galvanized paint N-70 NABAKEM

Paint N-70 NABAKEM

Cold galvanizing in guard for hot dip galvanizing

Paint N-70 NABAKEM

Hot-dip galvanizing repair

Paint galvanizing repairạ

Paint zinc-coated iron

Zinc-coated iron paint

Zinc plating repair grinding

Grinding repair zinc plating

Zinc plating

Hot-dip galvanizing paint repair

Hot-dip galvanizing repair

Hot-dip galvanizing steel

Galvanized steel

Paint galvanized steel

Paint galvanized repair

Pinc plating

Hot-dip galvanizing repair

Hot-dip galvanizing grinding and cutting repair

Hot-dip galvanizing repair