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ROVAL Cold Galvanizing Compound 25kg zinc coating paint.

ROVAL Cold Galvanizing Compound 25kg zinc coating paint.

Paint coverage: 50m2 (2 layers) Packaging: 1 can, 25kg

Origin: Roval, Japan.

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Product details

Cold galvanized paint

Corrosion resistance equivalent to hot-dip galvanizing. ROVAL Cold Galvanizing Compound is a paint with zinc powder accounting for 96% of its composition. Because it is pre-packaged, there is no need to mix or use additional primer or topcoat. Very easy to use and can be applied directly to the surface of zinc coating or iron and steel surfaces. ROVAL combines the excellence of hot-dip galvanizing with the simplicity and convenience of painting. Because ROVAL is applied at room temperature, we call it "Cold Galvanizing."

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