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ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound 83% Zinc Coating

ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound 83% Zinc Coating

Silver Zinc-Rich Paint

Roval Silver Zinc Coating

Paint Packaging: 420ml/bottle, 24 bottles/carton

Manufactured by ROVAL Japan

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Product details

ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound 83% Zinc Coating

ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound is the choice of designers for its silver color. Its 83% zinc content in the dry film maintains high corrosion resistance performance compared to other conventional paints. Ideal for repairing old galvanized materials or as a topcoat for ROVAL Cold Galvanizing.

The finished coating has a color similar to hot-dip galvanizing.

Easy to handle, a simple liquid type & spray bottle.

Using ROVAL as a primer provides better corrosion resistance.

For the best rust prevention effect, it is recommended to use ROVAL as a primer when using ROVAL SILVER (RS) for pre-treating corrosion on steel, large-area paint coating, or in severely corrosive environments.

If applying ROVAL SILVER alone without a primer, the thickness of the paint film must be greater than 80μm.


First layer, apply ROVAL

Second layer, apply ROVAL SILVER

Enhance the color tone of ROVAL SILVER.

The film of ROVAL SILVER is color-enhanced to resemble galvanized zinc material when exposed to light.

This feature prevents repaired areas from being conspicuous.

The image below shows a sheet with ROVAL SILVER coating on the upper half of the galvanized sheet.

Before exposure to light After 3 months

The external color changes vary depending on the environment.

Color changes are evidence that the protective layer is safeguarding iron by oxidizing zinc in the coating layer.

This color change is not unusual and does not affect the effectiveness of rust prevention.

Example of color change:

parking lot RS1 parking lot RS2
Ngay sau khi sơn Sau 3 năm

Product line and technical specifications:


Film thickness 80μm (40μm x 2 lớp)
Theoretical coverage area 500g/m2 (250g x 2 lớp)
Drying time 30 – 60 phút
Heat resistance 170˚C
ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Spray 420ml

Tiết diện sơn: 0.4m2 (2 lớp)
Đóng gói: 24 chai / thùng
ROVAL SILVER 0.7kg ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound

Tiết diện sơn: 1.4m2 (2 lớp)
Đóng gói: 8 lon / thùng
ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound

Tiết diện sơn: 3m2 (2 lớp)
Đóng gói: 4 lon / thùng
ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound

Tiết diện sơn: 14m2 (2 lớp)
Đóng gói: 1 lon
ROVAL SILVER Zinc Rich Compound

Tiết diện sơn: 40m2 (2 lớp)
Đóng gói: 1 Thùng
Dung môi ROVAL

Đóng gói: 4 lon / thùng

Đóng gói: 1 Thùng



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