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Heat resistant cold galvanized coating N-50
Cold galvanized coating N-50
Heat resistant paint, chemical resistant N-50
Nabakem N-50 Paint - Korea is an extremely effective paint against rust. Extremely good adhesion, and resistance to heat and chemicals are great for protecting steel structures in harsh working locations.

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Packaging Unit: Aerosol 420ml/can, 20cans/Box


• Excellent antirust effects
ZINCOT N-50 is a product using high-purity zinc grey particles based on zinc galavanizing, and provides permanent antirust effects by electrochemical action between zinc grey and metal.
• Excellent adhesiveness
High-adhesion special binder enduring any shock and bend is used.
• Excellent heat resistance and chemical-resistance


• Vessel : Bottom, ventilation duct, heat exchanger, water tank, drain pump, marine facilities of vessels
• Bridge : Rustproofing of pier, wire rope, foot, bolt, nut and welded part
• Vehicles : Muffler, body, underbody, fuel tank inlet, welded area of heavy equipment, parking facilities
• Generation and electric system: Transmission tower, broadcasting facility, antenna, steel tower, street light
• Construction: Pipes installed underground, elbow, steel structure, fence
• Others
  1. Pipeline of refinery plant
  2. Piping and opening tank of freezer and airconditioner manufacturer
  3. Rustproofing of machinery and equipment of chemical plant
  4. Outdoor steel structures
  5. Agricultural equipment and snowplow
  6. Welded portion of guardrails in expressway
  7. Rustproofing of water discharge channel system of irrigation channel


◎ Aerosol
• Keep it away from your children.
• This flammable product uses high-pressure gas.
Comply with following cautions.
  1 .Do not use it toward fire.
  2. Do not use near heater or stove.
  3. Do not use in the room using fire.
  4. Do not keep it in the place above 40℃.
  5. Provide ventilation to use it in the closed room.
  6. Do not throw it away into fire.
  7. Punch the can to throw it away.
  8. Do not keep it in the closed place.
  9. Spraying may not work well below 5℃.


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