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Cold zinc coating paint Silver Zinc Compound SM5002, 4 liter...

Cold zinc coating paint Silver Zinc Compound SM5002, 4 liters

Paint SM5002 - 4L
Cold-coated galvanized paint bucket 4L
Cold galvanized paint SM5002 4L
SM5002 4l - cold galvanized paint bucket is extremely compact, suitable for protection for all types of steel. This is also the prestigious and quality paint of the company Nurichem - Korea. SM5002 is the highest quality imported paint today. Call : 037.321.9555 for advice and get a very good quote.

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Product details

Paint SM5002 - 4l/ bucket

Paint SM5002 is known to be the richest zinc coating in the galvanized world today.

Cold zinc coating paint Silver Zinc Compound SM5002, 4 liters

1. Properties of cold galvanized coating SM5002
Pure zinc content reaches 95%

Paint SM5002 completely meet the requirements:

- Protection of steel structures, steel products
- Participate in repairing and maintenance of hot-dip galvanized steel
- Anti-electrochemical corrosion, and the impact of the environment causes rust on the steel surface
- Can be used as primer, or topcoat
- Eye-catching silver zinc color

2. Specifications of SM5002 cold galvanized coating
Paint SM5002 4l has the following properties:

- Liquid solution with a slight odor, insoluble in water.

- Pure zinc content when dry accounts for 95%

- Density 1.45kg / liter

- The viscosity of paint SM5002 is 11 seconds (Ford Cup # 4)

- The time can be touched after 5 -10 minutes and completely dry at 1-2 hours at normal temperature.

- Packing 4l / carton, 4 carton / carton

- Bright zinc color

- Due date 36 months from date of manufacture (at room temperature)

3. Packing
Paint SM5002 is packaged diversely, suitable for the purpose of the whole person, in general:
- Paint SM5002 spray bottle: compact, convenient, easy to handle any terrain

- Paint SM5002 in 4l barrel form: combined with paint roller brush, suitable for small and medium volume of steel structures.

- Paint SM5002 18l barrel: very economical, suitable for large volumes of steel to be protected.

4. Reputable agent selling paint SM5002
Sunrise is the importer and direct distributor of the famous Nurichem Paint Company - Korea. With criteria: Quality goods, the best price.

We say no to counterfeit, fake, poor quality goods. On the other hand, we always serve wholeheartedly for the requests of our guests.

For the purpose: Quality engages customers.

We guarantee you will be satisfied when you come to Sunrise!

For further information, please contact: 037.321.9555



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Cold zinc coating paint Silver Zinc Compound SM5002, 4 liters

Cold galvanized paint SM5002

Zinc paint for iron, zinc-coated iron paint, cold zinc coating paint, steel protection paint SM5002.

No. 1 cold zinc coating in Vietnam

Paint SM5002 - superior steel protection

SM5002 - the lasting beauty of all buildings

SM5002 - real paint - real quality

Cold galvanied coating SM5002 NURICHEM 420ml

High-zinc paint, silver paint, cold zinc plating paint SM5002, Cold zinc plating color paint.

Cold zinc paint bright silver

Cold galvanized paint SM5002

Cold zinc color paint

Fix that hot dip zinc

Cold galvanized paint SM5002

Paint SM5002

Cold galvanizing in guard for hot dip galvanizing

Paint SM5002 Nurichem

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Zinc-coated iron paint

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Hot-dip galvanizing repair

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Hot-dip galvanizing repair