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Cold galvanied coating SM5002 NURICHEM 420ml
Cold galvanized paint SM5002 Nurichem

Cold galvanizing in guard for hot dip galvanizing

Paint SM5002 is a famous zinc-rich paint in the Vietnamese. 
Sunrise distributes genuine, Nurichem products at the best prices.
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Product details

Cold gavanizing SM5002

1. Product Name and Description:

* Product's name:

Galvanized spray paint SM5002

 sơn bảo vệ thép

* Describe:

                   Spray bottle products,

                   Packing 420ml / bottle; 20 bottles / carton

                   One component epoxy solution

                   Content of pure zinc 99%

                   Zinc content when dry 95%

                   Excellent adhesion ability

                   Creates outstanding chemical resistance

                   Anti-corrosion, anti-scratch

                   Heat resistant up to 250°C

2. Application:

* Application of SM5002:

The SM5002 cold-galvanized paint is an extremely zinc-rich paint

that protects iron and steel structures against corrosion of the environment, chemicals, sea water, ...

Therefore Paint SM5002 is used to:

Protection against rust for machinery and parts.
- Protection of iron and steel structures
- Maintenance for galvanized metal

3. Technical information of SM5002:

                      Physical state: Fluent liquid

                      Odor: weal sovent

                      Water solubility: insoluble

                      Specific gravity: 1.45

                     Vapor density: >1(air=1)

                     Viscosity: (25°C) at about 11sec (Ford Cup #4)

                     Ingredients: Zinc powder 35~45%

                     Epoxy Resin: 5~15%

                     Toluence: 15~20%

                     DME 25~35%

                     Tack free time: less than 15 min

                     Applicable area at the thickness of 40~50µm: 2~3m2

4. How to use spray paint SM5002
- Remove grease, dirt and create roughness for the surface to be painted

- Shake the spray bottle well before use (at least 1 minute)

- Spray evenly on the surface to be coated at a distance of 20 - 30cm

- Should be sprayed in many thin layers to achieve the best effect.

Each class is 1 to 2 hours apart.

- After coating finish, if there is still a lot of paint in the spray bottle.

Turn the spray bottle upside down and press the spray for 2-3 seconds to clear the sprayer next time.

5. Contact order:

For more information, please contact us for advice and get the best quote

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The paint is extremely rich in zinc

Cold galvanied coating SM5002 NURICHEM 420ml

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