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Cold galvanized paint SUPER SILVER SS-COAT 909 NABAKEM

Cold galvanized paint  SUPER SILVER SS-COAT 909

Packaging Unit: Aerosol 420ml(360g)/can, 20cans/Box

Manufacturer: NABAKEM

Origin: Korea

Số lượng:
Product details


Excellent rust resistance.

Cold galvanized paint  SUPER SILVER SS-COAT 909 NABAKEM

NABAKEM SUPER SILVER SS-COAT 909 is a coating developed using high-quality zinc powder particles. It protects metal surfaces by providing rust resistance similar to zinc plating.

Highest adhesion.

Epoxy resin has high adhesion to iron and other metals used, with high bonding strength.


Rust prevention for materials and steel structures.

Bridges, wrought iron windows, iron railings, automobiles, train cars, containers, refrigerated containers, agricultural machinery, transportation machinery, civil construction machinery, storage tanks, water pipes.

Maintenance, replacement of galvanized steel, galvanized metal sheets.

Welding primer for steel materials.

Replacing the zinc coating, repainting damaged paint layers.

Finish coating like zinc plating.

How to use:

Pre-painting treatment:

Clean, remove red rust or scale from the steel surface using sandblasting, shot blasting, or stripping. When oil, dust, and moisture adhere, the adhesive force of the coating decreases. Degrease and dry thoroughly are necessary.

Coating method:

  1. Spray method (aerosol product)

Shake well for about 1 minute before spraying.

Spray evenly on the pre-treated surface.

Spray about 30cm away from the surface being sprayed.

Thin spraying multiple times is more effective than thick spraying once.

  1. Air gun method (Bulk)

Spray on the pre-treated surface like conventional paint.

  1. Roll coating method (Bulk)

Roll the paint evenly on the pre-treated surface.

Roll the paint in the same direction to avoid brush marks.


Stir well.

Long-term storage causes zinc powder to settle.

Stir well and use evenly.

Do not use it in acidic or alkaline environments or in areas wetted by acidic solutions.

(Coating material resistant to chemical attack as the top coating layer)

In the heat treatment process, heat and dry at over 20 minutes at 100℃ for use as a primer.

To keep the spray can unused for a long time, invert the spray can and spray until no liquid flows out to prevent nozzle clogging.

This flammable product uses high-pressure gas.

Comply with the following warnings:

  1. Do not use near fire.

  2. Do not use near stoves or furnaces.

  3. Do not use in a flammable room.

  4. Do not store it above 40℃.

  5. Provide a ventilation system for use in a closed room.

  6. Do not throw it into the fire.

  7. Crush the can to discard it.

  8. Do not store it in a sealed place.

  9. The spray may not work well below 5℃.

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Cold galvanized paint  SUPER SILVER SS-COAT 909 NABAKEM

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Cold galvanized paint SUPER SILVER SS-COAT 909 NABAKEM

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Cold galvanized paint SUPER SILVER SS-COAT 909


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