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Cold galvanizing SM5002 18l/ bucket

Sunrise sells Sold galvanizing paint SM5002 - the most popular steel protection paint today. We have wholesale and retail paint SM5002, the best price in the market. Hotline: 037.321.9555

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Paint SM5002 -18l

1. What is SM5002 paint?
Paint SM5002 is specialized paint for the mechanical industry. Paint works to protect iron and steel metals from external factors that cause corrosion and damage to the structure.

What is the characteristics of SM5002 paint compared to other paints?

SM5002 is cold galvanized coating, has a zinc content of up to 95%, completely suitable for the protection of iron and steel, as well as for repairing, replacing hot dipped galvanized.

2. Criteria to choose galvanized paint
For the best quality, long-term protection, galvanized paint needs the following criteria:

- The zinc content in the coating must have a high% Zn

- The paint has an epoxy resin component, ensuring that the paint adhere firmly to all surfaces.

- Excellent resistance to chemicals, sea water, and humid air, up to 250oC.

It can be applied to steel structure positions frequently subjected to extreme conditions such as ships' ships, chemical pipes, and heat-resistant pipes.

Paint SM5002 can fully meet the above criteria. Zinc content up to 95% thick will create a strong protective layer to help enduring buildings over time.

In particular, paint SM5002 is one component paint, certainly will not waste more complicated mixing effort, not to mention errors in the mixing process, which leads to various types of paint defects such as long drying. dripping, lumpy orange peel, ...

The bright silver color of SM5002 once again proves that this paint has similarities with the color of hot-dip galvanized, so customers are completely confident with repairing, coating, replacing hot galvanized paint.

3. What are the types of cold galvanized paint SM5002?
Paint SM5002 packed into 3 forms:

- Spray bottle form, volume 450ml / bottle
- 4L barrel form:
This small tank is suitable for painting, miles for small and medium surface areas

- 18L barrel form:
Large paint cans are extremely economical for painting heavy workloads.

4. Where to choose supplier of this paint SM5002.
Currently, cold galvanized painted products are sold everywhere, but there is a lot of fact that the market of counterfeit, fake and poor quality products is still automatically displayed for sale, obscuring information so that consumers can receive know.

However, at Sunrise Company, we commit to say no to counterfeit and fake goods. Our customers will be sent complete information related to the product upon request.

Sunrise - prestige makes the brand

For further information, please contact:

Hotline: 037.321.9555



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Cold galvanizing SM5002 18l/ bucket

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